Product Range


Mineral water, juices, fizzy drinks, instant drink mixes (such as hot chocolate & cappuccino), tea and coffee.

Rice & Pulse

Rice, Wheat, Fava beans, Beans, Lentil, Chickpea, Cracked green wheat (Freek) and Lupine.

Dough & Pastry Products

Pasta, Noodles, Sugar, Cake mix, Basbousa mix, Vanilla and Baking powder.

Dairy & Breakfast Products

Egg, Milk, powder milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese (such as feta cheese, roumy cheese, istanbolly cheese), olive, jam, honey, halva and breakfast cereals.

Biscuit, Candy, Chocolates and Snacks

Biscuits, Crackers, Cakes, Croissant, Waffle, Chocolate, Candies, Chewing-gums, Jelly, Dried fruits and Potato chips.

Baby Food

Baby powder milk, Baby food jam fruit and Vegetables and Cerelac.

Canned Food

Tuna, Luncheon (Beef and Chicken) and Sardine.

Spices & Condiments

Salt, Spices, Stock (such as Chicken, Meat and Vegetables Stock), Ready soup, Kofta mix, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Tomato paste, Pickle, Vinegar and Sauces.

Oil & Ghee

Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Mix oil, Olive oil and Ghee.

Fruit & Vegetables

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables.

Chilled & Frozen Food

Whole frozen meat cuts & processed frozen meat products (such as burger, hotdog and kofta), Whole frozen chicken & frozen processed chicken products (such as breaded chicken breasts and chicken strips), chilled meat and chicken products (such as luncheon, sausage and salami), frozen vegetables and frozen french fries and ice cream assortments.

Cleaning Products

Powder and liquid detergent, dishwashing detergent, multipurpose cleaners, toilet cleaners, bleacher, softener, cloth and sponges, metal wire, hard surface cleaner, solvent, anti-odor and glass cleaner.

Paper Products

Diaper, Hygienic pad, Paper towel, Tissue, Napkin, Toilet tissue and Wet wipes.

Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Hair care products, Body care products, Shaving products, Soap and Liquid soap.

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