Oath to Our Customers

At Kazyon what we value most is our relationship with our customers:

Best Quality Products at the Lowest Prices

  • We only work with carefully selected suppliers who can offer high quality products with affordable prices that you would like to use every day.

  • We try to stay as efficient as possible by having the lowest number of employees in our stores.

  • We give you better prices and more stores nearer to you, instead of spending on secondary things such as store decorations and marketing expenses.

Every day shopping made easy

  • We plan to open 1000’s of stores all over Egypt, so we can be closer to you wherever you are.

  • Our stores are cleaned all the time, inside and outside.

  • We make sure we always have the freshest possible products with the longest possible shelf life.

Loyalty and Honesty with our Customers

If you do not like a product, for any reason, return it unconditionally at any time (only with your receipt).

We are very keen to hear from you

Our store employees are keen to hear from you; if we can do something better or if we can get you particular products – We want to know!

Contact Info

Tawfeer for Food Products, S.A.E

Yamama Center, 5th floor
3 Dr. Taha Hussein Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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